Hi folks!

The Project Management area is growing so fast and the Preparation Schools are increasingly crowed. More and more professionals want to level up in the companies.

Every day, I receive some questions about “How to become a project manager?” and I’ve been thinking about this and I’d like to write some good pieces of advices to start in this career.

  1. I remember when I was promoted, a huge challenge for me was: You’ll need to work with people! (And this is the biggest challenge, because people have a different timing from you, different interests and you’ll need motivate your team to delivery the projects.
  2. You’ll need to communicate better than everybody. Yes! 90% of your time will be reporting, monitoring and discussing. Activities like: Writing e-mails, Doing presentations, Attending Meetings will be a part of your life (A big part!)
  3. Be a Leader not a Manager! Yes! The most important tip of this article: If your team belived in you, your team will work a lot. But in the other hand take care! You’ll need earn they.
  4. Be a Problem Solver: My team asked me a plenty of questions in most of the time, and I need to understand the problem and share the points with my team (Sometime I don´t know the solution, and then I’ve tried to found)
  5. Be a Negotiator, and be fast, because you’ll have to negotiate a lot! Vacation, Work Time, Activities, Scope, etc, etc.
  6. Be a good Planner, but think Agile! I’ve liked to say that: “Plainning is important BUT the solution is way to please the customers”
  7. If you are new to project management find a good courses, read the PMI Best Practices, find a good certification in your area.
  8. As my best teacher say: “The last, but not the least”: Find a motivator to you! (Find a good person that is like a teacher in your professional life, because you’ll see a plenty of problems, and this person will help you in the problems).

You can bear! Trust yourself!

Rodrigo Silva, PMP