“Craft life, don’t let life craft you!”, based on this phrase, I was thinking about what I should have done in the last year to improve my skills and my life.

After some interviews, I have been thinking about this point. We always complain about our jobs, salaries, families, friends and lives, but what did we do to change this?

I’ve created an action plan to my weakness points and the final date is on today! I can’t bear to reschedule it.

1 – First of all: Improving English Skills 

  • Improving Conversation: Don’t disappear from Mr. Alex Lima classes – English Pair Communication (My partner in this blog) – He has been helping me in this blog. He always listens to me. He’s more than a teacher. I usually say that he is like a psychologist
  • Practice: Travel abroad twice a year to practice and understand a little bit more about culture.
  • Grammar: Face my problems with a planner, and be more organized to attend live classes, and finish my grammar books.

2 – Second: Getting fit

Sometimes I stay in a bad mood. Maybe I haven’t been working out to get fit, and this is very important. I should work out harder to have a good quality of life. I do believe that exercising is important to our body and our quality of life.

3 – Finally: Turn off

I had better turn off my computer, cellphone and my systems on weekends. It’s important to relax and absorb the classes during the weekdays. I consider myself a former workaholic, and now I need to reduce my overtime at home.

That’s it, buddies. Falling or rising, we are always together, sharing knowledgement and experience.

Tomorrow, we have a wonderful song made by me!