“I’ll travel but I don’t want to waste a lot with accommodations, I only need a good bed to rest”, said a friend of mine.

If you do not know where you will be hosted and want to save money, I do believe “Hostel” is a good opportunity to you.

Hostel is the common way to accommodation, for one to ten people, there is breakfast, and there are attractions, parking and you will usually share your room with a group.

Besides that, the main characteristics of the hostel are that it is cheaper than a hotel, shared rooms and the big nationalization, with 2, 8 or 12 beds.

Although, hostels have a good price it is important to highlight that in the hostel you will have to communicate a lot!
It´s an important fact to share, because if you need to rest, study or have some on-line meetings maybe, you cannot bear to stay in a hostel. But if you are only on vacation maybe that’s a good idea. So far so good?

Strong Points:

  1. Price
  2. Nationalization
  3. Cultures
  4. Less formal

Weak Points:

  1. Noise
  2. Shared Rooms
  3. Monthly Renewal
  4. Parking (There are some hostels with no parking)

Even though it’s difficult to stay in the same hostel for a long period of time, I have been using hostels.

Hostels, I do believe it’s a good way to share experiences and a good opportunity to train English and other languages as Italian, Chinese. Besides that, in the Brazilian crisis, is a good opportunity to save money!