Yesterday, a special person asked me about death penalty. To be honest, I’m thinking about it, and today I have to face my fears and talk about it!

Although this subject is avoided by society, the death penalty exists in other countries, but every day there are a lot of controversy and lack of consensus.

I do believe that everyone can be recovered. However it is hard in some cases, but I really thought that “Pay death with death” is not the way to prevent or reduce the causes of crime.

Take a look at these statistics: After September 11, is the USA safer? Is the crime reduced in countries that have death penalty?

No! The way to prevent the crime is to improve the schools, the opportunities of life to people and giving jobs for everyone.

We have to review our laws and instead of death penalty, we have to change the crime through work.
Imagine: They couldn’t bear to work with this feeling.

If you do anything against law, you are going to work to pay for this.
Eg: If you do anything against a person (like death, etc.)

You are going to have to work all your life for this family.
Besides that, If you kill, someone the pain won’t pass.

In conclusion….The individual has to regret his mistakes.
The responsibility of life belongs only to our biggest judge: God.