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How to become a project manager? — January 17, 2016

How to become a project manager?

Hi folks!

The Project Management area is growing so fast and the Preparation Schools are increasingly crowed. More and more professionals want to level up in the companies.

Every day, I receive some questions about “How to become a project manager?” and I’ve been thinking about this and I’d like to write some good pieces of advices to start in this career.

  1. I remember when I was promoted, a huge challenge for me was: You’ll need to work with people! (And this is the biggest challenge, because people have a different timing from you, different interests and you’ll need motivate your team to delivery the projects.
  2. You’ll need to communicate better than everybody. Yes! 90% of your time will be reporting, monitoring and discussing. Activities like: Writing e-mails, Doing presentations, Attending Meetings will be a part of your life (A big part!)
  3. Be a Leader not a Manager! Yes! The most important tip of this article: If your team belived in you, your team will work a lot. But in the other hand take care! You’ll need earn they.
  4. Be a Problem Solver: My team asked me a plenty of questions in most of the time, and I need to understand the problem and share the points with my team (Sometime I don´t know the solution, and then I’ve tried to found)
  5. Be a Negotiator, and be fast, because you’ll have to negotiate a lot! Vacation, Work Time, Activities, Scope, etc, etc.
  6. Be a good Planner, but think Agile! I’ve liked to say that: “Plainning is important BUT the solution is way to please the customers”
  7. If you are new to project management find a good courses, read the PMI Best Practices, find a good certification in your area.
  8. As my best teacher say: “The last, but not the least”: Find a motivator to you! (Find a good person that is like a teacher in your professional life, because you’ll see a plenty of problems, and this person will help you in the problems).

You can bear! Trust yourself!

Rodrigo Silva, PMP

The Value of Project Management Professional (PMP Certification) — January 1, 2016

The Value of Project Management Professional (PMP Certification)

Every day, the requirements of business areas need the support of The Project Management area to deliver projects in different areas (Financial, Production, Business Processes, Construction, Educational, etc)

The PMP Certification (PMI Project Management Professional), is desired every day by Project Managers, but a common question is: “Is The Certification really important to Project Managers?”.

Created by PMI (Project Management Instituite) in 1984, the certification recognized Project Managers in Good Manners to deliver projects. But it’s not an easy process. The process to approve on a test is dinamic because the test verifies whether you have the knowledge more than the graduation or free courses of project management.

PMP Professionals receive more than other professionals, but it’s not the main motivation to apply for this test. The second point is: PMP Professionals are more visible in the organization.

What’s the importance of the certification? (Some interesting facts)

  • According to PMI e-link – Newsletter (10/31/15), the total number of PMP Certificates in the world are 678.619.
  • Project Management Survey shows that PMP-Certificated Project Managers gain 19% more)
  • Until 2020 we’ll need more than 13 million Project Managers in the world.
  • The Certification can help you find new opportunities
  • You’ll attend a hard level test of Project Management
  • The PMP Certification is in top 10 of the most important exams of the world

What are the requeriments to apply for the PMP exam?

Category 1:
– Four-year degree
– 4,500 hours leading and directing projects
– 35 hours of project management education

Category 2:
– Secondary degree (high school diploma, associate’s degree or the global equivalent)
– 7,500 hours leading and directing projects
– 35 hours of project management education

How should I be prepared to apply for the PMP exam?

  1. Create the Project “My PMP Certification” (Yes! The certification must be a Project to you!)
  2. Create your Personal Study Plan (A Spreadsheet with Topics | Plan Hours to Study | Real Hours of Study)
  3. Try to study every day (at least 1 hour)
  4. Do your follow up every day (Hours Plan x Hours Real)
  5. Create points of review (Cards, Postit, Songs, etc)
  6. Make a lot of questions (Mockups)
  7. Try to follow a Preparation Book only  (You should read PMBOK + A Preparation Book. Eg: Rita Mulcahy)
  8. Separate more than 200 hours of selfstudy

Should I take a preparation course?

Yes, I recomend that you contract a PMP course (but it’s not an obligation). A good way to get your certification is studying in groups and during the classes the teacher will share good tips to you.

Besides that, when you attend a course, you can count on your colleges (Everyone has the same objective).

The “Exam Day”

I like to say that “The Exam is like Running”, you need to control your body and head: Sleep well before the exam. Take pauses during the exam and get some water.

When you start the exam, you don’t read any notes, take care with the exam instructions. If you cheat during the exam, your test will be canceled (Pay attention in Ethics Code)

Will PMP Certification make me a better Project Manager?

The PMP Certification is like a seal of quality and proves that you attended a hard exam and knew how to use the best pratice of Project Management Areas.

During the exam preparation, you’ll have the opportunity to be a better Project Manager, try to delivery your projects with a good quality and attend the stakeholders expectation.

The opportunity to learn is the best reason to obtain the PMP Certification!

Rodrigo Silva, PMP

PMI Volunteer

I should have done — July 19, 2015

I should have done

“Craft life, don’t let life craft you!”, based on this phrase, I was thinking about what I should have done in the last year to improve my skills and my life.

After some interviews, I have been thinking about this point. We always complain about our jobs, salaries, families, friends and lives, but what did we do to change this?

I’ve created an action plan to my weakness points and the final date is on today! I can’t bear to reschedule it.

1 – First of all: Improving English Skills 

  • Improving Conversation: Don’t disappear from Mr. Alex Lima classes – English Pair Communication (My partner in this blog) – He has been helping me in this blog. He always listens to me. He’s more than a teacher. I usually say that he is like a psychologist
  • Practice: Travel abroad twice a year to practice and understand a little bit more about culture.
  • Grammar: Face my problems with a planner, and be more organized to attend live classes, and finish my grammar books.

2 – Second: Getting fit

Sometimes I stay in a bad mood. Maybe I haven’t been working out to get fit, and this is very important. I should work out harder to have a good quality of life. I do believe that exercising is important to our body and our quality of life.

3 – Finally: Turn off

I had better turn off my computer, cellphone and my systems on weekends. It’s important to relax and absorb the classes during the weekdays. I consider myself a former workaholic, and now I need to reduce my overtime at home.

That’s it, buddies. Falling or rising, we are always together, sharing knowledgement and experience.

Tomorrow, we have a wonderful song made by me!

Life choices — July 10, 2015

Life choices

Today my post is more “thoughtful”… Let’s talk about “Life choices“…  I saw a small phrase like that “My best choice is choosing you”

And I was wondering, and I googled something. Woody Allen said that “We are the sum of our decisions”, and it’s interesting to think about it because we are what we choose to be!

When we were children, we learned that it was important choose one and dispose other, This is called “life”

That’s not easy, because when you choose to be a doctor you cannot be a pilot and then life goes on

Remember: Your choices have 50% of chances to be well or not! The choices is yours!

Hostel x Hotel — July 7, 2015

Hostel x Hotel

“I’ll travel but I don’t want to waste a lot with accommodations, I only need a good bed to rest”, said a friend of mine.

If you do not know where you will be hosted and want to save money, I do believe “Hostel” is a good opportunity to you.

Hostel is the common way to accommodation, for one to ten people, there is breakfast, and there are attractions, parking and you will usually share your room with a group.

Besides that, the main characteristics of the hostel are that it is cheaper than a hotel, shared rooms and the big nationalization, with 2, 8 or 12 beds.

Although, hostels have a good price it is important to highlight that in the hostel you will have to communicate a lot!
It´s an important fact to share, because if you need to rest, study or have some on-line meetings maybe, you cannot bear to stay in a hostel. But if you are only on vacation maybe that’s a good idea. So far so good?

Strong Points:

  1. Price
  2. Nationalization
  3. Cultures
  4. Less formal

Weak Points:

  1. Noise
  2. Shared Rooms
  3. Monthly Renewal
  4. Parking (There are some hostels with no parking)

Even though it’s difficult to stay in the same hostel for a long period of time, I have been using hostels.

Hostels, I do believe it’s a good way to share experiences and a good opportunity to train English and other languages as Italian, Chinese. Besides that, in the Brazilian crisis, is a good opportunity to save money!

Death Penalty — June 30, 2015

Death Penalty

Yesterday, a special person asked me about death penalty. To be honest, I’m thinking about it, and today I have to face my fears and talk about it!

Although this subject is avoided by society, the death penalty exists in other countries, but every day there are a lot of controversy and lack of consensus.

I do believe that everyone can be recovered. However it is hard in some cases, but I really thought that “Pay death with death” is not the way to prevent or reduce the causes of crime.

Take a look at these statistics: After September 11, is the USA safer? Is the crime reduced in countries that have death penalty?

No! The way to prevent the crime is to improve the schools, the opportunities of life to people and giving jobs for everyone.

We have to review our laws and instead of death penalty, we have to change the crime through work.
Imagine: They couldn’t bear to work with this feeling.

If you do anything against law, you are going to work to pay for this.
Eg: If you do anything against a person (like death, etc.)

You are going to have to work all your life for this family.
Besides that, If you kill, someone the pain won’t pass.

In conclusion….The individual has to regret his mistakes.
The responsibility of life belongs only to our biggest judge: God.

Prezi — June 28, 2015


Hi folks! Have you ever attended boring presentations? Take a look at Prezi! Imagine interactive presentations, with fantastic movements and resources. I’m talking about Prezi where it’s possible to create catchy presentations! Prezi was founded in 2009, and there are about 50 million of users and 160 million of presentations. Start being a good presenter! http://www.prezi.com